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height: 5' 6"
weight: 140lb
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waist: 74cm (29")
body hair: Some Hair
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I am based in in southern Utah (near Zions national park, and 2 hours from Las Vegas) but often traveling, so i may be in your area or planning a trip.

I enjoy travel, and love excuses to go places. Invite me for a visit!

instagram: tumblingit

Things i like:
-music, health & fitness, hiking, travel, languages, family and friends, house projects, reading, freedom, my job and other acrobatic things, permaculture...

Things I also like:
Nice guys. Witty guys. Fit guys. Hung bottom guys. And more...

i believe people should be free to live however they peacefully choose. We're all different and it's great to respect other's differences. That's why I consider myself a #Voluntaryist.
There are people who want to divide society and make enemies out of those we might be great friends with. Please don't fall for the #ControlledOpposition.

Good ideas don't require force.
And force turns good ideas into bad ones.
*Backflips off soap box

I've become increasingly interested in the idea of a GROUP RELATIONSHIP the last few years. I personally would like to organize something with 6 or 7 other guys in some kind of mutually agreed situation.
It would be nice to find a balance of commitment and variety.
Message me if you're curious about the idea (doesn't need to be interest in me, just in the idea. And then we can network)