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I thank you for teaching me what friendship is - a relationship that has no needs; where one's interest in the other person's welfare is the same as one's interest in oneself; that friendship is a state of mind, where there is no fear, no guilt, no attack thoughts, no feelings of vulnerability; where it is all right for you and others to see me as I really am; where there is a constant giving and forgiving; where the only desire is to be helpful, gentle, and patient; where there is no past or future but only the present; where each instant is for total loving and letting go and where there is no holding on, no attachments, and no demands.

That friendship is a relationship where there is only light, only the joining and sharing of love, and there is no exclusiveness; where the geographical location and physical separation is of absolutely no importance; where there is complete and total love and acceptance regardless of the illusory perceptions of separation made by time and space.

That friendship is eternal, a state where no thoughts, words, or deeds can cause any feeling of hurt and separation, and where the light of spirit is the only reality.

That true friendship is a state of bliss, where we see only the God Self in each other. It is a state of inner knowing that we are connected by love with each other and God, forever.

Out of Darkness into the Light - Jerry Jampolsky