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age 54 • verified   United States of America : Colorado : Boulder
profile id: 304021
build: Slim
height: 5' 9"
weight: 150lb
private password:
waist: 71cm (28")
chest: 75cm (30")
biceps: 17cm (7")
body hair: Some Hair
facial hair: Stubble
cock size: Medium
his cock is: Cut
tattoos: None
preferred role: Versatile
interests: Underwear, Email/chat, Web cam, Role play, Sportswear
practice safer sex: When appropriate
last here: 27 Nov 2023

I moved to Stockholm in August 2006 and enjoy the Swedish way of living with a great deal of appreciation for the environment, nature and "lagom" as it applies to work (not too much but enough to have a good life). I am from Seattle, Washington (USA). I am happy to reside outside the States so I can get a perspective that perhaps the rest of the world sees of the US. So far it has been good.

I have learned a lot of similarities between American and Swedes. It's a small world. Fortunately, I have learned a lot about the differences. I lived in Seattle where there is a strong Scandinavian influence and culture so I already knew a bit about Sweden. I can understand that it takes quite a bit longer to make friends here than in the U.S. In the States we have many close friends and distant friends. We also tend to be loud and having to fill the silence with sound. We Americans are consumers of materialism, which I strongly dislike. In Sweden, my experience and information was that it takes forever to get to know each other, but friendship is lasting. Idle conversation is pointless and self-interest is not a good quality to have. I prefer the Swedish "lagom" method.

I have a strong passion for the environment, quiet and open spaces, and share my life with a few close friends. I'm inclined to take care of the community rather than look out only for the individual. I prefer peace over war and do not feel the need to restrict people's freedom. So I feel a little bit at home in Sweden.

Making friends is more important than anything else. Friends who like outdoor sports have my utmost attention. NOTE: Want to get in touch with those who are open to the back and forth communication. We are not a good match if I ask questions and I get only answers. This shows a lack of interest, in my opinion. Questions, please.

Occupation: Rock Climbing Guide and Personal Trainer (part-time in the U.S. and Sweden)

Interests: I am an endurance athlete with a many years of experience in adventure racing (2-4 days long), ultra-running (45k-100m) and long-distance mountain bike races (100 US miles). Gym workouts (I am thin so I try to increase my size / strength in training), mountain biking, climbing (trad, sport, toprope and bouldering), backpacking, running trail, hiking, snowboarding, etc.

I also like to see foreign films and since I grew up in the U.S., I can handle only a number of American films. I tend to lean towards psychological thrillers, documentaries, independent films and just about everything to do with conservation. I've been a vegetarian since 1995. This means that I do not eat fish or meat, but I eat cheese and dairy. However, I do not buy leather or silk products. I would like, but don't expect others to follow a become vegetarian as long as they have compassion for animals, as I realize that it is a personal choice. I actually enjoy the recycling and I am doing everything I can to protect the environment.

If I could be anything I wanted in another life ... it would be a tree. I feel so connected to nature that I feel at home in the wild.

I enjoy reading about meditation and Buddhist practice. I think I am not overly religious, but I share many of the values of Buddhism. Awareness, awareness, simplicity, respect, honesty, openness, solitude, flexibility and friendliness are all characteristics I try to live my life with.

To learn more about me, I welcome the conversation.