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age 39 • verified   United Kingdom : England : Exeter
profile id: 624907
build: Defined
height: 5' 7"
weight: 175lb
private password:
waist: 76cm (30")
chest: 97cm (38")
body hair: Quite hairy
facial hair: Beard
cock size: Medium
his cock is: Uncut
tattoos: Several
preferred role: Bottom
interests: Underwear, Muscle worship, Sportswear, Groups
practice safer sex: Never
last here: 19 Apr 2024

air & darkness.

Cantankerous Welshman living in Wolverhampton.
I like books, films, running, horror, fantasy, sf, comics, gaming, magic, men, coffee, cake, gym, pants...

Please have a face pic. I love a great torso/ass/cock as much as the next guy, but I also dislike talking to a void, it's creepy. Also, I like a nice face. Sue me.

If you use phrases like "straight acting" or "no offence, but no blacks/asians/MOC/femmes" then we almost certainly won't get on. No matter how much you "didn't mean it like that," it IS offensive, it's homophobic, misogynistic and racist, and ain't nobody got time for that.