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age 44  Belgium
profile id: 967028
height: 5' 11"
weight: 161lb
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last here: 18 Jul 2024

into edging sessions, exhib and voyeur, ...

Also like just getting nude with others


(things I want to try once)

- Enter naked in your flat, while you stay a while in your clothes as if the situation is normal.

- Serve as a naked butler at an all-male party.

- Threesome with a sexy couple.

- or with you and my boyfriend.

- Naked hike.

- Brief encounter in a park at night to compare cocks.

- Long wank session with a buddy, without any shame, while watching porn, edging, and exchanging masturbation techniques.

- Play "truth or dare" with a sexy gay couple.

- Master/slave game as a submissive, with other submissives, under the instructions of one master.

- Spend a whole sex weekend in a chalet or other beach house, rented with a bunch of fuckbuddies

- Play this game with 2 other guys: (French)

Wanna help me for one of them?
Or do you have another idea? :-P